We invest in carefully focused research and development to keep our knowledge at the cutting edge of technology, regulation and best practice.

  • Focus Issue 1, 2015

    In this this, we look at how BMT is using sensors to add value in the fields of fleet performance management, ocean exploration using undersea gliders and environmental consulting

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  • Annual Report 2015

    An overview of the group's activity for the financial year October 2013 - September 2014

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  • Dynamic Positioning Capabilities for Superyachts

    Dynamic Positioning systems are now featured on many large yachts but are not widely understood James Calver and James Roy of BMT Nigel Gee provide more insight.

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  • Superyacht Design Tech Talk

    Of all yachts currently under construction, just five per cent will feature a helideck. The appeal of a helicopter to access your superyacht is clear but while helidecks are becoming an increasingly popular requirement, design studios are considering other alternatives.

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  • Superyacht Designers Portfolio

    BMT Nigel Gee is an independent naval architecture and marine engineering consultancy. Founded all most 30 years ago by Nigel Gee and John Bonafoux, the company’s diverse portfolio spans specialised vessels in four key markets: yachts, commercial, offshore energy and defence.

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