We invest in carefully focused research and development to keep our knowledge at the cutting edge of technology, regulation and best practice.

  • Focus Issue 1, 2016

    In this issue, we look at some of the challenges involved in working beneath the waves. BMT is helping to ensure that unmanned underwater vehicles reach their potential in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

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  • Yacht Design Newsletter 2015/16

    The tenth edition of our annual newsletter, gives you an insight into our activities from the past year, share some of our research & development findings and offer perspectives on what the future might hold.

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  • History Repeating - The story of Malahne

    The 1930s classic motor yacht Malahne was rendered almost unrecognisable by a 1980s refit; to restore her classic lines, the owner went right back to the beginning.

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  • Boat International - June 2015

    Fantastic article on 66m ISA built OKTO. With BMT Nigel Gee working with ISA to develop the hull, which is carried all the way forward into a tall, wave-slicing blade.

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  • Superyachts Taking Shape on Southampton's Shores

    Shamrock Quay is home to one of the world's top independent marine design consultancies, BMT Nigel Gee. It's naval architects and marine engineers help to create some of the most glamorous vessels that have ever taken to the sea.

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