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A look back at this year's Superyacht UK Technical Seminar


Each year, industry experts gather at the London Boat Show for a technical seminar organised by Superyacht UK (SYUK). This seminar offers a place for discussions on current and future topics, those in attendance gain first-hand insight into potential opportunities or threats that are on the horizon. BMT send their staff to attend the seminar, not only to gain invaluable knowledge but also to offer its own to the industry.


With over 100 representatives, from 60 different companies, the seminar was amassed with experts from across all markets. Furthermore, this event follows a fantastic year for the industry and Peter Brown, SYUK Chairman, offered some insight into the success. For instance, 2017 saw 429 sales, the best since 2007. In addition, delivery slots for yards are near max capacity. There was a real buzz within the seminar; attendees were eager to discuss how to build on this success.  

BMT’s Five Points to take away from the 2018 Superyacht UK Technical seminar are:

  1. Following the Hong Kong Convention, vessels over 5000GT will be required to report fuel consumption and engine usage annually.
  2. 5% of yachts are “aviation capable”, and there is a trend emerging with more vessels looking to incorporate helipads into their design.
  3. Shipyards found using unregulated teak will face fines under new regulations put in place by the International Council of Maritime Industry Associations. 
  4. An EU funded R&D project presented by Ken Wittamore, Triskel Marine, provided data that advocated the use of hybrid batteries in superyachts, promoting the benefit of a 25% reduction in kW/h costs.
  5. Autonomy is ever so likely to be used within the superyacht industry but is scarcely seen in the current portfolio of vessels. There is a fear that this market cannot grow until legislation covering Marine Autonomous Systems is in place.

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