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The AEROBOAT range encompasses five models ranging from 55ft to 100ft-plus. With a strong design by Claydon Reeves and naval architecture by BMT Nigel Gee, each aluminium and carbon built yacht model promises a voyage unlike any other. 

Style and performance are key factors for every model, which is why AEROBOAT has chosen Rolls-Royce as its main supplier to ensure nothing but the best in performance and reliability is achieved. From the engines to the waterjet propulsion and into every system on board, each yacht is controlled and powered by Rolls-Royce.

Aero Boat

The first in the line is the Aeroboat SV12, formerly known as the AEROBOAT 50ft. This is the smallest and most performance focused in the range, powered by a fully marinised Rolls Royce V12 Merlin engine. 

The SV12 provided the base from which to develop the highly anticipated AEROBOAT S6, a 65ft yacht with carefully considered space above and below deck. A grand cabin forward with expansive windows offers a generous space for guests to enjoy and can easily be transformed into a master suite should an owner wish to stay on board. The shower room, dayhead and galley are of a size more commonly found on larger yachts, while the main passageway provides access to a second cabin and a tender garage that can house a 3.8m tender or a couple of Jetskis.

At the heart of the S6 are a pair of MTU V10 2000 M96 engines, part of the Rolls-Royce family. The Series 2000 M96 engines are the latest units to come from MTU and meet current emission regulations while offering outstanding acceleration and low fuel consumption.

From performance to functionality, there are a handful of significant features that position the S6 in a class of its own. Every design and engineering solution ensures each step of an owner’s voyage is met with elegance and comfort. Specific procedures and devices have been introduced to enhance the overall experience — from boarding and moving around the vessel to controlling the many aspects of the yacht and disembarking.

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