Surveying Services

BMT offers focused surveying services to the large yacht market with the capability to deal with the entire range of yacht sizes, from the semi-custom 24m - 45m, through to the full custom 45m - 70m and the unique 70m - 160m segment.

Built on the vast experience and expertise utilised in our commercial ship surveying sector, we have tailored a range of bespoke services which our yacht focused surveyors undertake with a personalised ethos to accommodate the most discerning private client.

Apart from yacht owners, managers and insurance underwriters, we act for customers from all sectors of the yachting community including P & I insurers, lawyers, yacht builders, marinas and other third party interests.

Condition Surveys

Working with private customers and their representatives we primarily undertake inspections to establish the overall condition of a vessel prior to purchase. But also for insurance purposes, on hire and off hire. Individual requirements that demand a more focused inspection on a particular aspect are also undertaken.

Casualty Management

A global network of surveyors, managed from the BMT office in Rotterdam, provides a 24/7 capability for promptly attending a casualty whenever and wherever it occurs. Our aim is to minimise our client’s risk and costs, from emergency recovery assistance to hull & machinery damage inspections, through to litigation support. We utilise the latest investigative equipment and methods to determine the full extent of damage giving the repair yard the necessary information to produce a more detailed repair schedule with a refined estimation of costs.

Pre-Insurance Risk Inspections

With our experience and expertise in dealing with damage claims our surveyors are effective placed to carry out inspections on behalf of exacting owners or underwriters prior to the yacht being put on risk.

Feasibility Studies

Risk assessments and feasibility bring together many of the fields of expertise of BMT. These studies can be carried out on any number of projects, from a damaged yacht being taken to a repair port to the fitting of a helipad on a converted offshore support ship. Many marine projects are the first of their kind. Before proceeding both owners and underwriters need to know how practical or safe a particular project is. Our assessment can help our clients in understanding and managing the risk. Necessary modifications can be priced and arranged at the outset rather than later in the project when the costs will invariably be much higher.

Expert Witness

Internationally, BMT Group has build a reputation for its expertise in the investigation of all aspects of marine accidents and disputes and for its professionalism and integrity as Expert Witness in claims for damage and loss. Acting as technical representative we assist law firms in resolving yachting claims covering aspects such as new build contract disputes, fit for purpose, hull damage repairs, machinery failures, grounding/ collision, personal injury and damage during shipment.

Personal Injury Investigation

We are well accustomed in dealing with investigating the unfortunate circumstances surrounding personal injury within the maritime sector, conducting enquiries in a sensitive and discrete manner.

Yacht Shipping Surveys

We have unrivalled expertise in this field, combining our commercial ship and yacht knowledge we offer marine advisor services to Underwriters, Carriers, Charter Parties and Private Clients for third party review, check and supervision for the loading, securing and unloading operations.

Specialist Inspection

We offer a range of technical and scientific services which we utilise to identify cause of failure, extent of damage and necessary repairs. The most frequently used methods are: Metallurgical Analysis, Corrosion Analysis, Oil, fluid and drinking water analysis, Destructive & Non-Destructive Testing, Laser Shearography, Thermal Infrared Imaging, Paint & Coating Analysis and Underwater Inspection utilising the latest ROV equipment.

Some of the equipment we have ourselves, such as ultra sonic thickness, ultra sonic tightness, thermal infrared thermometer and thermal infrared imaging. Besides the above, we have a continuous expanding group of independent external consultants, which services we use when investigating for example reefer / cooling and air conditioning installations.  

Surveying Services

Surveying Services brochure

BMT offers focused surveying services to the large yacht market with the capability to deal with the entire range of yacht sizes.

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