Detail Design

Detail Design

BMT offers a comprehensive suite of production engineering services.

We believe in developing intelligent production designs that are practical and production friendly and which incorporate a high degree of detail that provides greater efficiency through full integration of engineering.

Large yachts are complex vessels with highly integrated systems. To achieve our aims we use a structured yet flexible approach that is tailored to the specific needs of each project, shipyard and anticipated build schedule. And before anything else, we believe that preparation is the key to success, whether detailing a design from our own office or one from a third party. The result is a series of key phases that underpin the detail design process:

Technical Review

Having an intimate understanding of the technical status of all aspects of a design before commencing production engineering is vital. When detailing third party designs we undertake a full technical review of the plans provided; identifying areas of potential risk, design performance, non-compliance, best practice and clarity. Working with the project team and the shipyard we focus on achieving a solid underpinning on which to begin the actual production work.

Build Strategy and Standards

BMT works closely with each shipyard to develop a clear understanding of their production facilities, standards, processes and philosophies, thereby ensuring that details employed in the design are appropriately aligned.

Where a unitised construction process is to be used we plan in detail with the shipyard appropriate unit breaks and construction sequencing that are optimised both for the yard’s facilities and the yacht’s arrangement.

Design Evolution

Turning a Class level design into one suitable to start production engineering can involve significant levels of expertise. At BMT we add significant value in this area by integrating the build strategy and standards, together with practical and construction friendly details, within the design. This work it is at the core of our expertise and lays the foundations for executing the production engineering.


All of our preparation and the resulting engineering is encapsulated within a single cohesive plan, carefully managed in conjunction with the shipyard’s master-build schedule, key milestones and resource constraints.

Concurrent to this preparation the process of executing the engineering is initiated and coordinated in ShipConstructor, used in conjunction with other leading software applications. With these tools we produce the final production deliverables, followed up by comprehensive on-site technical support to the shipyard.

Our production engineering capability linked with our experience in precontract design, class level design and technical build support enables us to offer single-source engineering responsibility for all naval architecture, structural, mechanical and outfit aspects of design, from concept to execution.

Detail design brochure

Detail Design brochure

BMT Nigel Gee offers a comprehensive suite of production engineering services.

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