Class Level Design

Class Level Design

Having worked with all the major classification societies, BMT brings significant depth of knowledge in achieving full class approvals in the most efficient and effective manner.

With each society having its own particular nuances we have the insight required to engage class in educated debate at the appropriate junctions to ensure that designs are not encumbered with redundant, heavy and expensive features.

Where designs do not fit within existing regulatory frameworks we work closely with class and Flag to agree compliance based on equivalent levels of safety.

Where appropriate, we integrate a high level of production-ready detailing into our class level designs, thereby enabling rapid progression into production engineering and saving the shipyard valuable time and cost.

Our team devotes substantial resources to monitoring and proactively involving ourselves in the on-going development of the regulatory environment. SOLAS, MARPOL, PYC, LY3 and more; each code has implications for design and build, each is complex, and in some instances regulations are in conflict with others as new rules are proposed and consulted upon.

As part of this monitoring process we maintain close links with the major classification societies and participate in numerous working groups to stay ahead of anticipated future regulation.

We undertake carefully planned research into the impact of new regulations, which enables us to have an intimate understanding ahead of actual implementation. The company makes this knowledge base available to its clients and we openly share the results of our research with the wider industry.

The result of this focus is that BMT has exceptional depth of expertise in meeting the demands and requirements imposed by the wide spectrum of confusing and continually evolving regulation. When coupled with our production-focused engineering this continually updated body of knowledge enables us to offer single-source engineering for the development of pragmatic naval architecture, structural, mechanical and outfit design to meet the most exacting regulatory standards.

Class Level Design

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Achieving full class approvals in the most efficient and effective manner.

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