Naval Architecture

Naval Architecture

With over 25 years’ experience in the field of naval architecture, BMT is among the leaders in the field.

Our expertise is demonstrated by a portfolio of in-service designs covering all hull from types, speed regimes, propulsion systems and construction materials.

The scope of our naval architecture services includes:

  • Concept Design Development
  • Specification Writing
  • Hull-form Design and Development
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Performance Predictions
  • Propulsion System Design
  • Sea-keeping Analysis
  • Hydrodynamic Model Testing
  • Manoeuvring Simulations
  • Weight Engineering
  • Stability Analysis
  • Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel Testing
  • Loadline and Other Statutory Calculations

This breadth of scope enables us to deliver insightful naval architecture at any stage of a project: from early concept and feasibility studies, contract and Class level design to detailed production engineering, commissioning and refit. Working across all stages of design, production, commissioning and refit we can advise the correct level of scope and project structure to deliver maximum added value, minimise technical risk and engineering cost.

We have an established reputation as a leader in the field of hull form development and marry our breadth and depth of experience in the yacht, commercial and naval markets to deliver designs tailored for good seakeeping ability, low resistance, high propulsive efficiency and exceptional range. Our portfolio extends far beyond conventional monohulls and covers the development of specialist hull forms such as catamarans, SWATHs, hydrofoils and air cushioned vessels.

We invest in research and development of new and novel hull forms and have developed and trialled numerous innovative multihulls, hybrid SWATH, monohull and catamaran designs.

Additionally, our background in configuring conventional, unusual and high-tech propulsion systems coupled with the integration of stabilisation and dynamic positioning systems allows us to provide high level capability for the most demanding of yacht owners.

Coupled with these skills we are challenged by the industry’s leading designers, stylists and shipyards to help deliver their visionary design intent through our knowledge of the modern regulatory framework, major flag authorities and class societies.

Project L3 85m ModCat Yacht

Project L3

Project L3 is a bold catamaran yacht concept delivering an extreme of high speed and high volume, for which BMT’s MocCat hull form is ideal.

Project L3