How We Are Different

At BMT, we differentiate ourselves based on the breadth and depth of technology, insight and knowledge we offer our customers, and the flexibility in which we provide it.

We demonstrate this in the following ways:

The diversity of our portfolio acts as evidence of our breadth of knowledge. We have designed, engineered and consulted on some of the world’s most advanced, innovative and ground breaking vessels all to meet wide ranging specialist requirements.

We believe in delivering practical, pragmatic and production friendly designs - we listen to more than our customers stated requirements; we learn how they execute and deliver their work as well as the culture in which they operate so that our deliverables are tailored to suit and provide added value.

We are innovative and foster the creativity that leads to innovation. Designs such as Veloce, based on our patented pentamaran hull form, unique hull form designs for monohulls, catamarans and hybrid hulls through to the vision of Utopia or our Turbine Access System designed to increase safety in the offshore wind industry; all serve to demonstrate our innovation.

We do not limit our creativity to that developed within our own organisation. BMT recognises that innovation benefits from collaboration and does so with a wide range of talented partners to learn, develop and bring ideas to life.

We invest in carefully focused research and development to keep our knowledge at the cutting edge of technology, regulation and best practice. We extend our research and development skills into practical engineering applications and use these to deliver additional added value to our customers. Where appropriate we share the results of our research with industry and participate in numerous working groups to help further knowledge and stay ahead of future regulation.

We appreciate that every yacht project is unique and provide total flexibility of approach, service and resource.

We are truly independent and our impartial insight and advice is based on evidence and experience.

BMT Nigel Gee is a small company and our 50 staff provide a boutique and personal service. However as part of the BMT group of companies we are members of a much bigger community. With access to 1,300 staff within 60 offices in 24 countries we can leverage significant resources and have unfaltering commercial stability.

Above all, our greatest asset are our people and BMT strives to operate a performance orientated culture, ensuring that our company delivers the best service, engineering excellence and value for all our customers; our reputation is built on results.

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BMT Nigel Gee

BMT Nigel Gee is a leading supplier of naval architecture and engineering services to the yacht industry.

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